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New innovation transport portal
Perfect management of planning and implementation

Nijhof-Wassink works on innovation in different ways via Nijhof-Wassink LIVE. Many of these initiatives are focused to relieve shippers as much as possible. For example, we developed a new online tool to manage the peak during fertiliser season. We provide shippers with a total solution with our Fertiliser Transport Portal, by managing the planning and implementation of fertiliser transportations.

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A transport portal for selected transporters
Intelligent combined routes

The orders of customers come in via an interface in the Fertiliser Transport Portal, where these are then translated into logical routes that can be effectively combined. These combined routes are placed in a ‘closed’ market place where preselected transporters can select their routes themselves.

The Fertiliser Transport Portal always provides the shipper with a clear overview of which routes have already been completed, which ones are still underway, and which are still being planned. Transporters benefit from being able to choose what fits their planning and are relieved of many manual operations. Nijhof-Wassink is responsible for everything being delivered. And the farmer? He knows he will receive the ordered product as agreed.

Transport tracking Always up-to-date
Follow your transport live!

Our fertiliser transport portal also connects with existing portals of our customers. By linking IT systems, we put an end to the multitude of mail and telephone communication during the fertiliser peak. The information on planning and implementation of the transportations is continuously kept up-to-date. Current information on ETAs is automatically updated and shared with the customer. In short, real-time information provision. Typical LIVE!

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Our new Fertilizer Transport Portal is a great example of what we as an innovative partner, can do for shippers. We can also manage your shipments for other transport flows.

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